Does christianity’s moral depravity surpass that of ‘rajneeshism’?

Does christianity’s moral depravity surpass that of ‘rajneeshism’?
April 16th, 2018
That’s a shocking question, intended as such. We have been critical of the rajneesh legacy, hoping for a complete demolition, but the documentary on the subject (Wild, Wild Country) raises many questions in the background.

In the final analysis rajneesh undermined his own initiative (to put it mildly) but in the background we see a barely visible persecution by a predominately christian culture that is determined to enforce the american brand of christian domination. His behavior is baffling: he had an immense opportunity and completely threw it away.
But the really stupid redneck fundamentalists visible are just as brainwashed by cult domination as any rajneeshee but current psychology with its distinction of religion and cult has allowed a double standard of judgement. Let’s grant the research on cults as possibly somewhat different from religions (according to some recent research), but in the end that strategy doesn’t really render a right judgment of the rajneesh phenom. We should note that rajneesh, against everything he had said, concocted a ‘religion’ of ‘rajneeshism’ and then just suddenly tore it up in a bonfire of texts. That surely was a deliberate gesture to take his movement beyond the ‘religion’ category.
Absent in the documentary is any consideration of rajneesh’s action just at that moment of abjuring rajneeshism (1984): he began a series of discourses as he exited his three year silence on christianity, one of the most devastating attacks in four volumes ever written. The hidden christian establishment went into overdrive and the commune was a goner within a year (the facts of the case are complex). (cf also,_Vol_1
The point here is the bitterness and contempt of shallow and corrupted christianity as a religion, as a theology, and as a political crypto-theocratic veneer. Let’s really ask whether christianity is anything remotely moral, let alone even honest. Secular humanists have documented the immense moral filth of the whole history of the christian movement (cult?). Beyond that we note that islam quietly attempted to start over without the baggage of demented theology the christians had produced and turned into something almost malevolent. Lets’ consider some of the issue (which provoke such savage reactions in figures like rajneesh):
The judaic legacy is a fraudulent mythology of yahweh with a covenental racist bias, at the heart of new religious era…one of the biggest botched starting points in the history of religion…
Let’s skip judaism, however, and consider christianity:
the doctrine of the resurrection was/is one of the biggest deceptions in world history and became a part of a tactic of the ‘Big Lie’ to create a movement that could exploit primitive and uneducated people, a succesful tactic but a totally dishonest one that perpetarated an immense flood of religious superstition…thus christianity was an immense con job from the start. Further it is clearly a front for some hidden operators who produced the ‘jesus’ rabbit out of a hat and then veiled the facts of the case with a possible mythical savior, credits with fraudulent miraculous actions of all sorts…this legacy has muddle generation after generation of the humbly pious kept in line with fascist myths of hell and eternal punishment, one of the most grotesque set of teachings ever disgorged from politics of theocracy…
more generally, the legacy of prayer ended up as a mythology of theistic personhood that deceived every and all converts with a ten brands of monotheistic nonsense before breakfast. In the end that was cynical gesture…we can go on and on here but the point is the strangely evil character of the whole operation. Christians are basically religious cripples.
Let us note the cruel legacy of celibacy as it spread into the occident. If rajneesh is derisively the ‘sex guru’ it is important to consider his denunciation so celibacy. And we can see how celibacy has essentially destroyed the catholic church. It is not surprising that an eastern teacher looking at the legacy of misapplied celibacy might simply go ballistic and simply drive ‘sannyasins’ to break the tradition in reverse gear.
finally, and directly relevant to the contempt of an indic guru…
christianity was incapable of producing any kind of spiritual practice and deprived millennia of captive converts of any kind of meditative technique or practice: for clearly socio-political reasons of domination, mind control and cultic hypnosis. Not a single instance of ‘enlightenment’ can be found in the entire legacy of christian history, a shocking statistic….Nor can we call this an accident of ignorance: the church fathers were more than aware of the fraud underway: we cans see this from the way the atheist samkhya of india was repacked with a wrapper of phony monotheism, viz. the doctrine of the trinity, etc…the real founding fathers were atheists of the samkhya brand, it would seem…
So the entire history of monotheism is pervaded with con job fraud, the Big Lie….the sheer scale of this fraud makes a figure like rajneesh look almost comic.
In this context, or range of contexts, we see the near monumental wrath of a indic figure going kamikazi on christianity and trying to set the record straight. More generally the idea was to try in some last ditch way to inject spiritual practice as meditation into the occidental religious tyranny.
All that said, it remains a mystery why rajneesh indulged in such a vulgar idiocy of crime, exploitation in effect throwing away an immense opportunity. This puzzle has no real solution short of denying that rajneesh was even enlightened. That’s a tricky question indeed and indic spiritual seekers are so steeped in the lore of yoga/buddhism that the question of who is enlightened may be undecidable, leaving the temptation to push the envelope and proclaim oneself a teacher. Perhaps that was the case with rajneesh: he played the classic lingo perfectly and may have confused himself…There is another possibility: one of the last books produced by rajneesh was Beyond Enlightenment (ca. 1987): he spoke openly of the way ‘states’ of enlightenment are transient as ‘experiences’ in the samsaric realm. As any advaitin might note the ‘experience’ of enlightenment is not the real thing, and as rajneesh noted the ‘experience’ of enlightenment was beginning to fade. What other explanation is their for the rapid nosedive at the end? There is still another possibility: invisible operators control public version of the ‘buddha phenomenon’ and this leaves the victim of this manipulation feeling enlightened but set up for a fall. All these questions have rehashed for so many millennia that we can hardly grasp the card sharks lurking in the background playing mephisto to faust in the traffic of ‘enlightenments’. Finally, rajneesh declared himself a ‘master of masters’, a strange undocumented indic tradition: one might well consider enlighenment as almost irrelevant in the fashion of pulling rank on all the other gurus…
Again the sheer depravity of rajneesh’s efforts destroyed the credibility of his movement completely. Why on earth did he throw away his chance to do something remarkable? It is hard to understand and may be a lost cause at this point. Again, we note the way rajneesh found out about esoteric fascism he may have been left ambivalent about the fascist depravity as the core of ‘santana/buddhist dharma’.

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