What the new documentary “Wild, Wild Country” doesn’t capture about the magnetism and evil of the Rajneesh cult

April 15th, 2018 •
What the new documentary “Wild, Wild Country” doesn’t capture about the magnetism and evil of the Rajneesh cult
Source: Outside the Limits of the Human Imagination | The New Republic
I finished watching this important video series but it seems that the documentary mode is not broad enough to really get the complex issues of the rajneesh story properly ‘documented’. But within its limits it is a griping account that triggered many memories.

And this article on the film is also important: i simply didn’t know the extent of criminality in the early pune era, for example. Although never a sannyasin (despite a brief two month experiment in the late eighties done alone of ‘mail order’ initiation and the receipt of a mala which i soon threw in the ocean) i intersected with the movement many times from 1975 to the early nineties. I had no real contact with the movement or any sannyasins, with one exception. I was checking out many new age issues and the rajneesh phenomenon was one of them. I was struck by the marvel of rajneesh books and purchased/read over three hundred of his fascinating first editions from Pune. After the passing of rajneesh I took all those books to the public landfill and dumped them, a colossal folly since those first editions must be worth a fortune now, but the self-induced shock of self-deprogramming proved effective and i began the long study of world history that resulted in WHEE. I thought myself done with the rajneesh era but often felt a mysterious presence that i thought connected to all that and to many others. Crazy? In any case around 2008 or so i began intersecting again with the rajneesh books (by and about) with about the same lukewarm interaction as before. Then sometime after 2012 or later i suffered a kind of falling out with the whole thing and the question began to arise, what is enlightenment, was rajneesh really enlightened…? Western psychology simply can’t get to the bottom of rajneesh because it can’t deal with these questions
I have tried to address such questions in Debriefing Santana Dharma (free online and/or Kindle book) under the pose of a sufi ‘mast’, or madman. There the ‘falling out’ reaches a kind of terminal phase as i finally began to question the issue of enlightenment and the enlightened state so-called of rajneesh. I had always taken for granted that rajneesh was a ‘buddha’ but finally the burden of evidence against this was too much…the whole issue of what is what and the emerging facts of the monumental tragedy of the whole legacy made that inevitable. But the problem is tricky: rajneesh often mentions being aware in deep sleep, a giveaway, if true, of the ‘fourth state’. Note the use of a numerical term in the tradition. We might suspect the term ‘enlightenment’ is now corrupted beyond right usage…noone knows that they are talking about, and that includes the majority of indic yogis, and the muddle of almost all hindus is, well, you figure it out. The book cited tries to force the issue of ‘what is enlightenment’ and the hopeless muddle the whole tradition has fallen into. Rare yogis succeed because they disappear from the social muddle of hinduism/buddhism (sufism).
But the film has an interesting take here: none other than sheela in the last tape lets slip that rajneesh was not interested in enlightenment and wasn’t enlightened himself. Now that is remarkable. It is probably sheela talking about herself, but it tweaks the mystery and suddenly i am newly suspicious. You can follow more of this kind of musing at length at The Gurdjieff Con blog.
What we conclude with for the nonce with some more shock treatment: rajneesh’s daring and stunning revelation buried in one of his books that esoteric buddhists created hitler. If the legal system in the US caught up with rajneesh, rajneesh caught up with gautama,or his degenerated successors. To confirm that you will have to read all of his books. Perhaps that is the clue to everything. Rajneesh implies the buddhists became so frustrated by their failure to reach to master human chaos they went beserk. Sounds familiar and the hidden conspiracy finally comes out in public…No wonder rajneesh went insane.
rajneesh is not well known for the history of fascist issues that lurk in the early history of his movement, but they can be documented from his books.
to be continued…but was struck by the resemblance to a tragic drama…
Those who pontificate on the evils of cults as with the stupid redneck ‘christians’ in the film, should be fair and not allow christianity or buddhism (or hinduism) to be taken as the standard. Take a close look at christian history and theology, for example. it is a sorry record that in toto is a species of depravity, deception, and the Big Lie unmatched in world history…Gurdjieff gave the game away and actually took the name of a devil. Was Jesus an ‘evil’ demon like the esoteric christian gurdjieff?

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