Christianity: it’s over when it’s over…

Christianity: it’s over when it’s over…
June 29th, 2018 •
In light of the considerations of the previous post we have to proceed further with our critique of christianity (and islam) and the stark reality is that christianity simply fails as a religion. What a useless mess! It is a totally misleading package of bullshit theology created so long ago by

theological nullities in the roman empire that it is hard to see how it could have survived so long.
Any true spiritual domain would have attempted to repair the hopeless confusion christianity created from the start. The suspicion of cynical exploitation lingers as a huge publicity stunt of christology created a self-propelled cascade of cultic neo-superstition.
We should indict this confusion very directly:
is jesus christ really your personal savior?
why didn’t the spiritual domain move at once to scotch the instant superstition about the resurrection?
does faith simply cripple understanding by creating false beliefs?
does prayer in the context of pop theism have any meaning or is it simply a cynical pacifier?
is christianity an atheist samkya con game in a theistic wrapper?
is the monotheistic concept of god incoherent?
will turning to jesus automatically produce salvation?
what is salvation and why did it eliminate meditation and the path to enlightenment?
what is the connection with zoroastrianism and was there a conspiracy to
destroy athenian democracy (persian) and the roman republic by monotheists (christological/judaic)?
was the take over of the roman empire calculated?
did christianity really lay the basis for the abolition of slavery?
did the creators of christianity simply abandon their creation?
did those who knew better condone the situation to keep christians hypnotized and in check?
This is a short list.
As we have suggested christians can’t get anything right, and can’t resolve even the question of soul or the spiritual psychology of man. That makes it worse than useless, it is a menace to sanity and one should avail of secular culture to simply walk away from it.

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