Radical right and new age seeds? Osho’s expose of buddhists behind nazism…???!!

As we first noted in the old version of this blog, Osho strangely terminated the new age movement with his quiet expose of buddhists (not all buddhists) as the source of nazism. One wonders what he was thinking. It seemed he was apologetic at a whisper, but apparently he was not. The fascist shennanigans of his ashram in the seventies belies any liberal fantasy of that man. But we suspect the tactic from seeing Trump: just blatantly act fascist. Osho always betrayed his favoritism for dictators, unlike the Dalai Lama with similar sentiments behind his cheap talk about democracy. Osho’s honest outward manifestations were at least an indirect expose of the hypocrisy of such as the Dalai Lama…The era of The Shadow of the Dalai Lama, a strange sudden classic expose of the sheer depravity of ‘tantric politics’ dawned in the early 2000’s and the realization that buddhism lost its way millennia ago. This is a zombie cult, make no mistake. We suggest quietly slipping away, and steering clear of the boddhisattwa racket.
That revelation was a stunning shock and we can never again trust any of these gurus, buddhist or otherwise. And seeing how it could be true took years of reflection on occultims, but now we see the whole game unfolding globally…
We cannot take seriously the holy harry talk of a spiritual culture or buddha fields. A lot of people are going to get murdered in brazil, just for starters.

The many rising suspicions of hidden ‘new age’ sources seeding the radical right in global politics spells the doom for the whole BE HERE NOW new age sentimental phase. We need a radical new post-axial, post-buddhist, post-hindu, post-sufi politics, culture and ‘spirituality’ based on the termination of the guru mystique and its authority.

Spiritual authorities do not exist! For the Dalai Lama, one would say, you go first. The hidden Tibetan occult fascism based on tantra just about nullies two and a half millennia of buddhist, and its texts. One can barely pick up a book on the subject without a shudder.

The strangest thing here, especially after seeing the recent documentary on the Osho Commune, is that it is impossible to think Osho was ‘enlightened’. But if he was, then the category has gone bankrupt, or it he wasn’t then we have to consider how he pulled off such a con…
We will resume our reflections here, and try to organize in book form some of the issues. We have a book foundry at lastmanthere.info and can assemble some material. We already have Debriefing Santana Dharma, but that was too disparate in its post of the sufi mast, or the mad one…At this point we had best get really mad.

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