Coming of the Gaian Commies – Darwiniana

We need a new science/philosophy that can deal with a new reality: an extended ‘gaian’ matrix for human history and civilization, with an evolutionary context behind that.The current gaian thesis is charming but too limited and attempts a science it can’t so far really achieve.But we can see that the issue of gaia can be taken in a way that is empirical and wary of ‘grand theories’ except as conjectures on the way to science. The point is that we hardly have a choice. Standard historical theory is almost completely lame and misleading. The evidence almost demands a gaian perscpective, without giving us a full handle on the meaning of the idea.As we examine world history we can see that the evidence of the eonic effect demonstrates a field of global action that transcends typical/standard sociological causation theories and instead demonstrates a complex system that is able to act on focal regions, i.e. able to generate starting points as if it were coming into focus on a particular region which is not in the causal succession of a mainline,

Source: Coming of the Gaian Commies – Darwiniana

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