A revolutionary new age movement?

Our previous post on radical social transformation is a blast over the bows the current dead baby called the ‘new age’ movement. If we study the eonic effect we can see how a radical break with antiquity simply abandoned religion and they were at the time justified in doing so. But now a new possibility opens up: a new kind of radical social movement that can review and contain the legacies of ancient religion, a perilous undertaking to be sure, with the whole legion of demonic guru/vampires ready to inflict mind control against leaders with democratic impulses. But if the modern style left can’t master the occult dangers here they will fail in any case.
How many see the occult right behind the failures of the socialist movement. Between tibetan svengalis and sufi gangsters creating manchurian drones, the whole fiasco of nazism emerged from the corruption of figures like mussolini.
So, one way or another a new kind of left has to reason through all the old stale junk from yoga to advaita to sufism, etc…

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