A reborn older ‘Ouspensky’ generation warns the next

Ouspensky is often dismissed or hated for his criticism of Gurdjieff, but it is telling that this criticism has taken root and passed into a new generation. Ouspensky could have been a notable teacher in his own right, but was a superconservative russian reactionary… At least he might have been. Something new has happened, a kind of radical liberal sufism that should evaluate the misleading depictions in ISOM. Drop the term, orgs, and any practices of that world, so entangled with islam.
The issue is simple: Gurdjieff is dangerous and if you enter that realm you can lose your will and become a kind of drone. Be very wary of that milieu, even now! It is not worth it. Stick to something honest and in the open, say, Raja Yoga, the biggest cliche in the whole game, but it actually produces results, in the way of yoga. Forget sufism, tantra, tibetan buddhism, or even buddhism period. And be wary of derivative types, like e. j. gold. If you seek consciousness don’t adopt a path for zombies (like boddisattwa buddhists who swear never to be enlightened. Very useful as zombies)
The west had the bad luck of being introduced to sufism by ‘black magicians’ and people who are in the final analysis fascists…
You can check out our Debriefing Gurdjieffianity, at amazon or in free pdf form…
The issue is a kind of karma: Ouspensky, now reborn as a liberal/leftist feels responsible for the harm done to droves of Gurdjieff suckers who fell into the trap, and this continues even now…(The Holy Ghost of G-whiz?)
Get the warning: ISOM is mostly hot air come on…Don’t bite on the hook.

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