The risks of gurdjieff critics

This blog started in 2008 and was the result of a lifetime of harassment from the Gurdjieff world. And the related one of E.J. Gold, et al…
The New Age movement has transmitted the reverential legacy surrounding guru types who are in reality dishonest authoritarian figures of questionable moral integrity.
In general this movement it animated by a fascist anti-modernism, a reactionary politics conspiring to destroy democracy and modern freedoms with a set of doctrines that had their historical moment long ago. The movement appeals to intelligent liberal secularists, mostly, who are encounter a so-called teaching that is really a kind of front.
This expose, strangely, springs from one of its perpetrators, the ‘guru’ Rajneesh who accused the buddhist sangha in a hidden aspect of manufacturing the Hitler phenomenon, in a mood of despair at the failure of buddhism to achieve world domination.
It is hard to make sense of such a claim quietly let loose on his sannyasins decades ago.
But in retrospect the fascist interpretation promoted by its own figures explains a lot of things about the legacy, and figures like Gurdjieff (beside others like Blavatsky whom I would not call fascist, if dishonest) who observed the rise of fascism in direct concert, whatever his exact relationship.

So, for starters, we have desperate grounds to warn of a Gurdjieff Con, a con that uses Ouspensky to create front that can attract all those liberal moderns under false pretenses.
The doctrines of Gurdjieff require careful evaluation, in part because they are older traditions from long ago whose exact history and interpretation are not as such subject to Gurdjieff’s exploitations.
A good example is the legacy of Samkhya which runs through the history of religion and then almost preposterously resurfaces in Gurdjieff.
We might claim that he made a mess of the tradition, but if we credit his student Bennett we can see in his The Dramatic Universe that there is something that might have been of great interest to the future had not its elements been subject to a kind of coup d’etat of appropriation. Possibly this situation can be rectified but a future spirituality wrought out of great antiquity and part of the original evolution of human civilization now controlled by a kind of sufi demon is an intolerable and almost tragic situation.
And these people are dangerous occultists who will not hesitate to use their teachings to entrap the unwwary…
So we see clearly the dangers of a situation that has a shadowy and ominous aspect.

To be continued.

3 thoughts on “The risks of gurdjieff critics

  1. I had no idea there were comments to this blog, sorry for delay

    The question of demonstrating black magic on the astral plane is difficult, but I have discussed the question in what was an old blog,, which is online here at the top of a new blog:
    I simply state that I have been harassed: in general my life was made difficult by the whole issue of Gurdjieff, and especially his imitator e j gold. In part these people fear competitors and attack them if truly potential rivals.These people will rip off meditation efforts if they succeed, undermine life careers, try to create insanity, attack the sex center, promote bdsm as good gateway to voluntary slavery, close in on creative work, e.g. poetry, to capture ‘creative energy’, use victims as experimental aninals,… …

    Remember the classic cliches of the left hand path…It is similar situation to that of degenerate covert agencies where crime is a given, yet concealed from the public…


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