chomsky’s mysterious failure on key issues…//An Ode to Chomsky

chomsky’s mysterious failure on key issues…//An Ode to Chomsky

Chomsky is a fascinating and classic legacy but his career has been strangely compromised by his rigid and incomprehensible stance on key issues such as the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag op emerging from the US and almost certainly Israeli states. And this has created a treacherous situation on the left where simple study of the facts can lead to ostracism and malign attacks by this chronic conformist strain surrounding the bizarre and unexpected cover up. You would think that an investigative ‘journalist’ as acute as Chomsky would have arrived at once at a grasp of the key data surrounding these issues. It took Mark Lane less than a day to smell a rat in the JFK mystery and to begin digging deeper. With 9/11 the absurdities of the official account were evident almost at once.
I am certainly no conspiracy theorist, but in the case of 9/11 for example the discrepancies are so blatant that it is impossible to believe Chomsky here and begin to ask what agenda is at work. Frankly I haven’t the foggiest unless it is the issue of possible Israeli involvement in 9/11. I don’t know but it is time that the left ‘fess up to its compromised position on this question granting the traps and disinfo that haunt the most crucial evidence of state crime in the history of the american republic. For Chomsky to have missed that is strangely ominous in the reign of ideological propaganda, and quite baffling.
Ninety years old and still going strong. Almost twenty years after the age when that other great left-wing public intellectual Jean-Paul Sartre was already

Source: An Ode to Chomsky

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