The pseudo-knowledge of the ‘enneagram’…

In many ways the clearest evidence of the ‘gurdjieff con’ is the enneagram mystification. There is something odd about the whole discourse. Did Gurdjieff believe in his own scheme or did he make it up thinking that human gullibility would carry the day? Perhaps a little of both, and yet it is odd he would peddle something that upon examination is highly dubious. Many have gone over and over it only to realize the whole schematic is a concocted piece of balderdash. It tries to create something esoteric our of a ‘law of seven’ and a ‘law of three’ but none of it makes any sense. The issue of triadic logic is an important one but Gurdjieff’s manner of depicting as a ‘law of three’ spoils it and drives it into the realm of ‘new age cheddar cheese’, moldy.

And immense literature has arisen here with its victims denied in the name of a ‘master’s authority’ to even question the obviously artificial concoction. Perhaps some sufi in the medieval world ‘discovered’ this and thought it profound.
It is possible the materialis a cover story for something never divulged, but then the sheer discourtesy of misleading thousands of people with no prospect of relief is almost sickening. Survey the literature at Amazon: an immense field of superstition has arisen, apparently through indifferent exploitation of people considered ‘exoteric’ expendables.
It is grotesque…

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