I am not another guru /2008/07/09/dandy-comment-what-is-a-path/

Comment from Danny (???lost link)

Thanks for your comment, a good question. I am not another guru, and I am backed into the need to answer a question about ‘paths’, guru style. I can’t or won’t answer such questions, but my statement effectively does answer them, in a way. There is such a proliferation of ‘paths’, my point was to clarity two possibilities, the simple passage of time and experience, and the passage beyond. You are right that this seems to relate to the buddhist style of world renunciation. A path in time exists mathematically but it is very hard for ordinary man to realize his own ‘will’, and he is usually kidnapped by a larger religion.

It is not an easy situation.

My remarks actually were very general, based on a statement by Bennett about the Kwajagan, who showed the influence of Buddhism in Central Asia. My consideration was that lurking behind the obscurity of ‘sufi paths’, many of them hidden, many of them claiming extraordinary knowledge which they won’t reveal, to the confusion of seekers, there is a rough and brutal reduction of the question based on 1. history and 2. a statement about the dubious claims of many lost in the interstices of that history.

We can simplify the issue by looking at the streamlined history of religion, noting the peaks that stand out, and approaching the chaotic middles with a certain skepticism.

Gurdjieff claimed a great deal about lost knowledge, but those claims are undocumented, and dubious the more we learn about them. Many of these secret sufis were comparatively ignorant men, and prone to the mystical deviations that beset those who approach spiritual issues without metaphysical discipline. Gurdjieff is an adventurer, and much of his esoteric lore, if we can understand him, seem bogus. In any case, the so-called ‘path’ he proposes amounts to zilch, and has produced nothing in his followers. The behind the scenes action of insiders, I don’t know. But his outer ‘path’ is an exploitation, and a lot of dangerous people are making claim on it.

Disengage at once from such people, and consider my streamlined summary, dispensing with mystifications of ‘path peddlers’.

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