Mr. E. J. Gold, a big fan of genocide /2008/07/26/mr-e-j-gold-a-big-fan-of-genocide/

Mr. E. J. Gold, a big fan of genocide

Comment from ‘sillykitty’, who has previously commented/posted at Darwiniana extensively. He is one of Gold’s earlier victims. We can put some links for all that soon.
This ‘review’ is the typical inhouse promo from another of the suckers going through Mr. Gold’s revolving door. In three years, he will be history.
I passed very briefly along the fringe line of Gold’s circle many years ago, and as I recall I didn’t like him on sight, and he didn’t like me. Perhaps a premonition on his part. You’d think conscious types could have foreseen the Internet, and the undoing of their stealth operations.
Mr. Gold has managed to find the bottom of the ‘sufi/gurdjieff’ trashcan, the result of trying to use violent occult means to destroy all rivals, and even destroy the potential of any youngsters that even hint at being future rivals, such is his paranoia. The ‘new’ material at the site linked to is the umpteenth permutation of his tiresome comedy routine, and its effect on young seekers should be classified with child molestation. Over and over he reshuffles the deck with the same old combination of ripped off gurdjieff, ripped off Tibetan Book of the Dead, adolescent scifi junk, and ‘isn’t this original/cute, wow sufism’ New Age brochuring.
It takes time to grasp that a good stand up comedian can do a pretty good fake of ‘higher consciousness’, if people fall for the ‘zanny’ zen paraphernalia which is actually enough to fool most people.
It would not matter if, claiming to be a sufi teacher and the successor, no less, to Gurdjieff, he had a kind heart. But that’s just the problem: here we have a uniquely vicious predator of young adults trying to find their way through the Gurdjieff deception (already tricky enough), desperate and frustrated because they can’t find a ‘school’, and thus vulnerable to the false trust that is easily exploited by Gold’s predestigation.
It is a bit late in the day to say so but the basic rule is NEVER get entangled in the baited trap, bait ans switch traps, that Gold plays with. Relax, the odds are in your favor: you will go through the revolving door, and he will forget you. The selected victims, which we need to track down, are even now getting their ‘essence’ destroyed to fuel the consumption of this uniquely hateful vampire of human spiritual energy. This creep has been overheard endorsing the holocaust, and he has secret disciples who have actually done a fascist/nazi group, complete with nazi armbands, this from a jewish kid from Brooklyn. Make a note of it. Saying Heil Hitler is somebody’s idea of the esoteric ‘work’.

Let us remind ourselves as a note in passing that this guy works in duets, with his sidekick the ‘archdruid’, viz. the pornographer/owner of the San Francisco Ball. Whenever this arsehole calls himself a ‘sheik’, remember where they get their money from.

More later. But, sk has raised one of the real issues or questions raised by this blog: the legacy of Gurdjieff is highly toxic, and getting worse. We need a counter tradition of critique that can warn people of the degenerating character of that legacy and the real character of the people who are trying to rip off the work of, well, not Gurdjieff who have little to say, but poor old Ouspensky who got conned into writing one of the best come-on books ever written for a mafia anywhere.
Poor fellow, how very sad that his last instructions insisted that his ‘Fragments of an Unknown Teaching’ not be published. But it was, and the results are coming in: they all stink.

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