Anirvan’s To Live Within /2008/08/05/anirvans-to-live-within/

Anirvan’s To Live Within

Amazon Review: To Live Within=

This is a link to a review of a book called ‘To Live Within’ written by a confused and fawning Indian disciple, not of Gurdjieff, but of some other guru.
It is the kind of propaganda for the guru system that gets people into trouble. In my tangential travels on the fringes of sufi disneyland I saw it used and exchange hands (in an old first edition) in the Gold world as a bludgeon to keep people subtly in line. For someone who never met Gurdjieff and understood nothing about him to produce this sly kind of guru pornography is both unfair and finally dangerous, since he drops the subtle hints about the ‘murder’ to be expected from those who don’t submit to the absolute authority of the guru.

Gurdjieff a guru. That’s a joke.

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