Hopeless confusion over enneagram bunk /2008/08/01/hopeless-confusion-over-enneagram-bunk/

Hopeless confusion over enneagram bunk

SK comment
SK, thanks for the link:

You have a sharp eye.
I believe I came across this account in a book by, or about, Kabbani, but I don’t recall the title.

Actually, if you consider this episode carefully, you see how the question of the ‘enneagram’ is taken in its cultural context, and all of the specific claims made about it are probably irrelevant. That context of mystic visions is a feeling world, and has little to do with the endless baloney uttered in the name of nine-pointed diagrams.
It is also a form of prearranged signaling among those in the know, or with contacts in that world.
Those not party to the game reading Ouspensky et al. about a symbol that summarizes all knowledge (sic) just might end up confused.

Was this the period of Gurdjieff in Constantinople?

Westerners need to free themselves from the endless bunk about the enneagram.

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