More cloak and dagger: gold? /2008/08/02/more-cloak-and-dagger-gold/

More cloak and dagger: gold?

A comment from SK

sillykitty said,

08.02.08 at 4:15 pm ·

these comments open a pandora’s box of questions. thought ‘reform’ and mind control are agendas long shared by cult leaders and the secret corners of governments. many gurus have been rumored to have links to one government or another. (blavatsky, crowley, hubbard, jim jones, etc)

e.j. gold used to brag about his participation in a ’secret’ cia psi unit called ‘the witches.’ remote viewing. hypnosis. mind control.

it induces a nauseating miasma of paranoia (i speak for myself) to contemplate the exchange of information between these factions. and if you begin to investigate it you enter the labyrinth of conspiracy theories where it is difficult to sort fact from fiction from intentional misdirection and disinformation. robert jay lifton is helpful. as a presumably neutral psychologist he has researched thought reform technology and thought reform movements within both cults and governments.

if gurdjieff was a double-agent as is suggested, is it plausible that he was NOT unemployed at all (in terms of a government affiliation) during the time mymindisafleamarket mentions??? i.e. the prieure and after?

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