Rajneesh charge of fascism against the ‘buddhists’ /2008/08/03/rajneesh-charge-of-fascism-against-the-buddhists/

Rajneesh charge of fascism against the ‘buddhists’

Another interesting comment, this time bringing in Burton. These different perspectives are useful (although if Burton was another intelligence agent, I am getting restive. We seem to find nothing but the public hype of celebrities and intelligence agents passing for ancient wisdom. I am not going to take on Gurdjieff and exempt sufis).

We, of course, don’t know a thing of what Gurdjieff did in Tibet, and before we denigrate Gurdjieff lets keep in mind that Buddhism hides figures a lot worse than a mere fakir like ‘G’.
Already with Blavatsky we suspect something strange going on, with many vague and indirect hints leading nowhere.
It was therefore a bombshell when the figure Rajneesh flat out charged ‘buddhists’ with fomenting the Nazis. Since he didn’t pursue the matter in detail, he left the quesion hanging.
But we can easily detect the gestation point in the late nineteenth century, with the lines of influence hopelessly obscure.
It is thus awefully strange that Gurdjieff should be roaming around here at the critical point (which is not an accusation) but I suspect he sensed something afoot, and he in general clearly poised toward a rightist/reactionary stance.
The emergence of clear fascist group(s), completely hidden, in the fuzzy milieu of the Gurdjieff succession viz. the Gold circle is another suspicious sign.
Since these deep sources always work through proxies it is impossible to know for sure, and it is equally important not to get into the spiritual surrender mode. Those dumb enough to surrender end up the proxies.

The whole sickening business.

We must of course be wary of the term ‘buddhism’. It covers an immense range of different things. And the hidden figures of Tibet, who never appear in the open line of the lamaist tradition, but are there somewhere, are the suspects, not ordinary Buddhists.
There was of course the public nonsense of the Dalai Lama’s youth and association with German agents, but at this level there is no contact with the deeper skulduggery. These people are oblivious to the game.

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