Sk wonders about G–and Gold /2008/08/03/sk-wonders-about-g-and-gold/

Sk wonders about G–and Gold

Comment from SK (also a post).
I have resisted this idea, but all at once it begins to seem plausible again. But we can easily get into the wrong interpretation here.

But there is something strange about Gurdjieff’s way of following the trail of the greater emergence of fascism (amidst the Bolshevik conflagration). He could hardly have been an agent after the fall of the Tsars. He was doing something different. He suddenly shows up in Germany at the seminal moment of Hitler’s emergence, and the thirties and war period show a strange resonance. As if he were observing events at close range (for an occultist), which is not an accusation. Trying to piece it together.
There is of course the visible, if minor, evidence of his association with the occupation in Paris, with his well-stocked larder during the times of privation.
But Gurdjieff was in a position to know the tactics of esoteric fascists and proxy mass-murder agents, and may have been able to follow the sequence to some extent.
We should not be unfair. For all we know, his collapsing teaching during the thirties might have reflected a sense of shock at the coming extremes of the Nazis.

As for Gold, he is always trying to ‘me too’ with Gurdjieff, and he would no doubt claim to have been a secret agent too, as a form of bragging.
who knows.
But your suspicions suddenly seem possible.

Why doesn’t someone ask Mr. Gold. He is still alive. Get to the bottom of this sick game that is already claiming an escalating number of victims.

Keep digging SK.

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