The fag end of the enneagram malarkey /2008/08/05/the-fag-end-of-the-enneagram-malarkey/

The fag end of the enneagram malarkey

Check out the compilation of nonsense at: Enneagram Institute

At least they don’t claim it is ancient wisdom. The blame it all on Oscar Ichazo, who was involved in a lawsuit on the question.

We can then ignore this as a sideshow (and delusive ripoff) and consider the question of Gurdjieff and the enneagram. As to types, I think this area of his teaching was a weak spot in the sense that he overcrystallized the claims for ‘types’ (they don’t really exist in any rigorous sense) and ‘chief feature’. You can see how he fudged around the question of astrology here, probably making it up as he went along, wary of any direct correlation, eager to produce his own version (and never reveal it).
As to the enneagram itself, it is cleverly presented you can’t refute what is suggested to be non-public. This evasion is suspicious.
Gurdjieff obviously didn’t intend to teach anything about the enneagram, instead making it a point of mesmerization with respect to something not referred to directly (‘esoteric’), preempting exposure or falsification.

These people at the enneagram institute aren’t so clever. Put it in writing, and the result is….vomitatious.

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