Wizard of OZ, failed magician from Kansas /2008/08/05/wizard-of-oz-failed-magician-from-kansas/

Wizard of OZ, failed magician from Kansas

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sillykitty said,

08.05.08 at 7:18 pm ·
all the gurdjieff material has a gloss of spiritual woo woo wrapped all around it. it is important for anyone recovering from this stuff to begin to dismantle the gloss and see what is underneath it. i think of the wizard of oz in his elaborate chamber, creating huge and terrifying effects, but as dorothy and her crew discover, he is just the failed magician from kansas hiding behind a curtain with a bunch of mechanical controls he uses to blow his image up larger than life.

the entire fourth way tradition has projected a mirage of dazzling, utopian paradise.

i saw the whole mirage as i was meant to see it when i was being indoctrinated. ‘the work’ was everything. the answer. larger than life. salvation. immortal life. the escape hatch from the body and my boring average life…

but revisiting this material now, years later, it feels like returning to elementary school–it is all so much smaller than i remembered.

vomitatious. nice word!

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