Comment from an angry ‘groupie’ 2008/08/07/comment-from-an-angry-groupie/

Comment from an angry ‘groupie’

Your remarks are based on speculation, since you propose three hypotheses. So until you make up your mind I will ignore your analysis. Book learning, ha!
Go to the blog Darwiniana and type ‘sufi secret’ in the search box and see what you get. I penetrated the core of Sufism, and was so disgusted I puked it all out, and said goodbye to it. But I did get to the bottom of it. So my antagonism is principled, and certainly not based on ignorance.

FYI I have had equally bad experiences with Gmen groups, Gold groups, sufi groups, buddhist groups (some of many many), and crowley groups. I find the whole game obsolete pastiche of an earlier age, and I think who wrote a post in comment such as this one would do well to be about the business of being wary, we see all the signs of true believer who knows nothing, understands nothing, has no teacher, or teaching, and is one of the exploited bench warmers soon to be discarded with nothing. That’s a hard statement, but it might save you wasted time. You don’t have forever, guy. Don’t waste it on the likes of Gurdjieff.

Finally, All and Everything is a piece of junk hiding its flaws in a bad style. It is not worth reading, and you can get all you need from some of the summaries, such as they are. Those might be inaccurate, but greater accuracy can’t be had through reading the book, which is designed to keep people in the dark about its real intent, its real fascist intent.
Wake up, and stop being ruled by these gangsters.

I start to get the gist of this site — purveyed by people without reliable training in the authentic Gurdjieff work save a little “book learning,” saying nothing about their own inner search questions (which they may not even have), but just reacting to and riffing on what they’ve read, or heard about on the internet…

…or maybe someone who had a bad experience with one of the malevolent splinter group distortions (Burton, Gans, EJ Gold, etc.), which have nothing in common with the tradition of Gurdjieff work aside from their pilfering of the name and a few ideas here and there siphoned out of Ouspensky books…

…or some pinhead-pundit who finds “All and Everything” too much of an effort to actually read all the way through, but still takes ideas like “food for the moon” and “Solioonensius” LITERALLY ???

Dudes, who are you trying to con with your phoney “Gurdjieffianity” constructs? Sound the alarms! Sufis and esoteric Christians unite! Old Gurdy just picked your pocket again!

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