Just what the blazes is the ‘work’? /2008/08/09/just-what-the-blazes-is-the-work/

Just what the blazes is the ‘work’?

We have our first critic/link: The Fourth Way
To be expected.
I have to ask a really basic question at this point. What the blazes is the ‘work’. The whole game is suspicious.
Note that Buddhism makes very clear what it is up to: the path toward enlightenment. Any cavorting in archetypal space gets prompt feedback with reality: what are you doing….
Students of Gurdjieff suffer unconscious despair and create a life-cave in which their spiritual path is in actuality turned off, and they have nothing to do with themselves. Behind all the noise about the work there is nothing. In part because Gurdjieff being unenlightened had to make up a substitute/
The subtle trick of the Gurdjieff formulation is to keep you twiddling your thumbs with a non-aim, the ‘work’, by someone’s else unspecified definition. If that means slave labor over ten reincarnations, then you asked for it and any criticism is a failure of spiritual obedience.
If is a false formulation.
And it has, as we saw yesterday, subtle political implications of a reactionary kind. These people are really a kind of capitalist class who think their disciples are ‘shit’, and can be exploited, the ‘work’.
Gurdjieff’s language speaks of the ‘factory’ of spiritual energies, and the game is to skim the sucker in the ‘work’ off the top, bleed off his meagre supply of hydrogen 24, and he none the wiser. An honest Christian no less. Aha, esoteric Christianity.
Dunno, was Jesus another ‘big devil’ like Gurdjieff. I am amazed at old G’s presumption to speak for the Nazarene.

So don’t get jerked around by the ‘work’. It is an undefined abstraction that will automatically set up in the direction of a phantom ‘aim’ as the idea revolves in the brain looking for a concept slot it was never given.
So these ‘workers’ are really scabs on the strike line.

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