Solionensius /2008/08/06/solionensius/


Here’s a quote from a J.G. Bennett site:

Bennett was introduced by Gurdjieff to the notion of Solioonensius, or times of heightened energy within a part of our planet, or the whole of our planet. Bennett researched this idea, and reached the conclusion that times of such heightened energy are often seen as terrestrial catastrophes, but that in fact these have always been times of accelerated evolution for the human race. In other words, this is a time of great creativity for us people.

Gurdjieff indicated to Bennett, that according to certain ancient and secret wisdom schools, the present period of Solioonensius commenced as early as 1903, and will continue for some considerable time into the future, placing great demands on all forms of life, particularly human beings. This is a challenge for mankind. The nature of our world will change and humanity must adapt, evolve or be destroyed.

This is a typical statement from Gurdjieff about ‘new ages’, the kind of thing he gets away with due to ‘general prestige’ but which sow complete confusion in the minds of Gurdjieffians for the simple reason that it is nonsense. To say that certain ancient schools could predict a ‘new era’ from thousands of years ago beggars belief, and the simple retort is to ask where is the proof.
One of the reasons for the study of the ‘eonic effect’ is to try and sort out this outrageous and self-serving claims about ‘new ages’ all of which are really an attempt to displace modernity and its democratic breakthroughs.

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