Taking responsibility for the victims /2008/08/07/taking-responsibility-for-the-victims/

Taking responsibility for the victims

The Foundation Dupes:
I was pretty easy on the Foundation ‘dupes’, actually. But I think most in that circle don’t grasp what is going on in the general wasteland of the Gurdjieff non-work. Anyone associated with it must take responsibility for the rising tide of damaged people who have collided with Gurdjieff’s ill-conceived and disorganized ‘teaching’ whose elements don’t add up to anything.
So, be sure, if you defend Gurdjieff I hope you never meet some of the real victims in a back alley somewhere.
There are NO grounds for trashing people who are naive enough to show innocent trust in this master game con.
As if that weren’t bad enough real vultures from the Crowley game like E.J.Gold have attempted to take over the Gurdjieff field using black magic over and over on unsuspecting victims who thought they were doing Gurdjieff. And so it goes on.
So we are don’t yet with those idiots promoting this garbage machine.

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