The Foundation dupes /2008/08/07/the-foundation-dupes/

The Foundation dupes

Comment from Wizard Of OZ…

As a matter of fact I would probably agree with you as to the integrity of these people associated, I take it, with the Gurdjieff foundation. But it was always that way, ‘clean’ types doing the promotion and never really a part of the hidden activities behind the scenes, and, I fear, left behind as the so-called work shifted gears with a lot of vultures taking their ‘profit’ and long gone.
It was that way since Ouspensky, much berated for breaking with Old G but savvy enough to see that something was awry in the whole game.
The whole game shows signs of being a stage-managed promotional scheme with suckers doing the promo while others got into ‘cannibal gear’ for the ‘take’.
I recommend voiding all relations with Gurdjieff associations and abjuring allegiance to a crypto-reactionary cultural complot with nice liberal faces sitting in the front office none the wiser.
Anyway, welcome, learn what you can here.

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