WHEE and modernity /2008/08/11/whee-and-modernity/

WHEE and modernity

One of the objectives of this blog is to correct the false understanding of history visible in Gurjieff’s rants on the subject, and in the process to amplify on the treatment of the issues in World History And The Eonic Effect, a book recommended on this issue. The book has an approach to recasting the misleading issue of the ‘fourth way’, a path that is summoned up yet never really specified in the discourses post-Ouspensky.

In general the conceptions of the New Age in many ‘spiritual’ groups are misleading and denigrate the culture of modernity, one that is probably far more conducive to ‘spiritual action’ than anything in antiquity. We are beset with all these reactionary ‘gurus’ who claim a preposterous authority, when in reality they are ignorant.
I hope that WHEE can help in correcting the false historical perspective peddled by so many New Age ‘prophets’ who want to overturn the modern world in the name of some kind of absurd ashram politics.

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