Comment on comments, and Dion Fortune /2008/08/18/comment-on-comments-and-dion-fortune/

Comment on comments, and Dion Fortune

Comment from SK. Sorry if I am too hard on Parzifal.
As to comments, this wordpress version is more recent than what I am used to, and I accidentally deleted some valid comments. The spammers have discovered us, and I have to sort out of the genuine from the spam.

In any case, I didn’t realize the commenter was Parzifal, and in any case he isn’t banned. I don’t usually suppress valid comments.

you are very tough on Parzival. I don’t think he can conceive of where you are coming from? and it might be unfair to discuss him if he is banned from commenting here?

I am re-reading dion fortune’s book, psychic self-defense. I recommend it highly for anyone who is dealing with astral plane attacks without occult understanding of the astral plane. she notes how the associations with occult groups persist through lifetimes and suggests that “they know their own” on sight, from one incarnation to the next. no way to verify such a thing but it jives with what ghtdjieff types hint at to their new recruits. if nothing else there is some very strong bonding agent in these ideas for the neophyte who wants to belong to the wonderful new discovery–the
work. and if one is to leave or be booted out, the sense of alienation from the rest of the world, the loss of ’specialness’ is that much more painful. an eternity in purgatory with all the other regular yahoos–god forbid.

From Saying NO, 2008/08/18 at 1:48 AM

Thanks for the valuable reference. I would say that Dion Fortune is too hard for most people, who might go off on an occult tangent, to no avail. One must exercise discretion indeed with the separate stream of occultists.
No amount of occult dabbling will help people floundering in the Gurdjieff swamp. On the other hand, there is something to be said for reading everything, if only you can do it with discretion.

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