Gurdjieff ‘not interested’ if Nazis had won /2008/08/14/gurdjieff-not-interested-if-nazis-had-won/

Gurdjieff ‘not interested’ if Nazis had won

Blurb from another Patterson book

Comments: “Voices in the Dark” chronicles the rarely seen meeting notes of Gurdjieff’s meetings during the 1940 to 1944 Nazi occupation of Paris. The notes were assembled by Solita Solano, who was then Gurdjieff’s secretary in Paris and placed them with the Library of Congress in the US in Washinton, DC. The notes are question and answer transcripts of the wartime meetings Gurdjieff held with his followers at his Paris apartment.

The book’s epilogue carries a quote by Gurdjieff that highlights his uniqueness: “I not interested in who wins war. Not have patriotism or big ideals about peace. Americans, with ideals, kill millions of Germans, German kill–with own ideals–English, French , Russian, Belgian–all have ideals, all have peaceful purpose, all kill.”

This attitude is reprehensible, and at least is grounds for those who attempt to defend modern liberal freedoms to steer clear of Gurdjieff. The passage hardly makes sense. Either Gurdjieff is simply out of it, or he is masking with ‘indifference’ a hidden bias, perhaps conservative.

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