Reading everything /2008/08/20/reading-everything/

Reading everything

SK pulls a good link on the ‘abramelin’ term.

PLEASE do NOT on the basis of anything you read here go out and get ensnared in the quicksand called the ‘Abramelin’ ritual, whatever else you might have in your personal history to do with that, hopefully nothing.
SK made a perfectly appropriate citation of Dion Fortune, for anyone who has navigated anything like the Gold operation where Crowley lurks in the background behind ‘fourth way’ trappings. Thus the bait and switch. SK’s citation is appropriate, even as it is playing with fire. Don’t trust yourself with occult books, they will melt your intellect with acquired stupidities and false imagination unless you know how to read them. The only cure is a good course in physics, three years in a room reading Kant, and a long period of chopping wood, to heal the mind.
So don’t just jump into occult readings with a snap of the fingers. It is a sucker’s run. It is almost always useless. You won’t find any protection from ‘astral attacks’ in Dion Fortune against operators like Gold. They are much too clever, and have read all those books. What are you going to do? Use the banning ritual of the pentagram against the ogre Shrek (do you see the resemblance? Which one is uglier is hard to say)?
Gold would have a good laugh.

Life is unfair. Criminal black magicians sometimes discover access to the unconscious of others. And that unconscious is–unconscious, you’ll never know til way too late.
The possibility is absolutely frightening, and you will end up looking for another guru to protect you from the first, ad infinitum….

First, the whole Rosicrucian shebang is old now. It is an exhausted archetype, worse, it is a dangerous game where the real rules aren’t specified. Next, as with everything in Crowley it is a ‘unknown X’ in disinformation disguise. He had the advantage of starting something fresh, and had an independent fortune to finance it….

These are negative ‘don’t’s, but who am I to state anything if people like Gold are what you are up against. You have a perfect right to get the facts. So get the facts before you act.

I have a story on that. Once I realized pious sufis were doing Crowley behind the scenes, I set a project to read Crowley’s complete works. I was living in a cheap hotel off central Manhattan, three blocks from the public library. I went and read the whole corpus (except back issues of Equinox) for free. Result? Actually, nothing. I promised myself I would not use any of those methods til I was clear on what was what. That point never came. The point is stated openly, as another lie, in the Book of Lies.
Spit it out. What’s the point? People who use those methods don’t reach enlightenment and turn into devils, and people who reach enlightenement don’t use those methods.

So psychic self-defense is great if you can manage it, but your probable fate is to grab your nuts and run through the battlefield hoping you make it.
Good luck.

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