Saying NO /2008/08/17/saying-no/

Saying NO

The defender of the faith, Parzifal takes on the Gurdjieff critics.

The Fourth Way
I have been reading some anti Work declamations, of various degrees, recently. All in all, the uniting theme appears to be a willful lack of understanding. What is interesting is that for the greater part what they find so repugnant in the Work appears mostly to be the cult element of group culture.

We suffer here from no wilful lack of understanding, having seen the ‘work’ for what it is at the (laughably) esoteric level.
And the criticism is not of the ‘cult element of group culture’, as much as that might be a problem in some cases, but of the occult exploitation of the blind ‘members’.
This raises extraordinary dangers for the spiritual future (in later lifecycles) of those entangled in the routine of ‘submission’ or obedience or the follower’s mode.
By what assumptions are complete strangers to place the trust demanded in still other complete strangers called teachers.
This is often a harmless issue, but with a genuine occultist like Gurdjieff the consequences are potentially disastrous. You might never become free again from the hidden slavery there, especially in later life cycles, unless and until you say NO, and be about the business of your own spiritual future.
The idea that the meagre offerings (and never a school, despite the fine talk) of the likes of Gurdjieff are going to save you is a foolish one, on a par with walking into a casino with no grasp of statistics.

And it gets worse with Gurdjieff’s successors, as the Crowley types licking their chops dress up in work garments and bleed suckers off the ISOM reader’s club (viz. operators like E.J. Gold).

Does noone ever figure Gurdjieff’s own statement of taking sheep on the way for food?

Get your ass out of this Ouspensky brochure stupidity.

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