Spengler’s flawed theories of history /2008/08/16/spenglers-flawed-theories-of-history/

Spengler’s flawed theories of history

Comment refers to Spengler

I think that the mixture of Spengler, Gurdjieffianity and the Christian tradition is a bit of an overdose, but at least there is a common thread in the anti-modernism of all three (at least for some Christians).

Spengler’s analysis of history is highly flawed, and easily shown its limits in World History And The Eonic, which provides a kind of ‘debriefing’ of both Toynbee and Spengler’s theories of history.
Spengler has a kind of bizarre charm for some people, but his text, examined closely, shows some horrendous lapses of sound historical logic, next to its confused Nietzscheanism, and general invocation of barbarism renewed. Although he was no Nazi, he was surely one of their precursors, unwittingly sounding the Conan the Barbarian tone.
For a general universal history done right I can only recommend a close study of the eonic effect and its far superior analysis of historical dynamics.

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