Will gurdjieff perish like a dirty dog? /2008/08/15/will-gurdjieff-perish-like-a-dirty-dog/

Will gurdjieff perish like a dirty dog?

Our commenter Parzifal hasn’t a clue. People have many reasons for being critical of the ‘work’, but the simplest and most important, apart from the severe dangers of entanglement with occultists masquerading as spiritual teachers, is that this great teaching is a bungled job. After a lifetime of going in circles most followers of this mesmerizing goop don’t even grasp simple issues of meditation as they go endlessly off on a tangent of ‘work’ ideas that are essentially talking about meditation in a disguised language that is both ‘oulala’ and completely impractical. Why be so attached to a game in which the rule maker had contempt for his own disciples, consigning them to the fate of ‘perishing like dirty dogs’.

Some school. At time goes one watches the rising tide of derelicts cast off to start over too late on another path, as the ‘secret sufis’ have finished ‘nibbling’ on the ‘essence’ of the progression of suckers going through the revolving door.

It is worth remembering the rationale for the boddhisattwa path (which has historically its own problematical legacy, I don’t endorse anything here) as it arose in a similar crisis in the later emergence of Buddhism. The big shots get to go to the end of the line.
One way to get results.

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