Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe /2008/08/21/bennetts-the-dramatic-universe/

Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe

I retrieved from my travels two volumes of Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe, one of pieces/puzzles of the Gudjieff/legacy work universe.
It has been a long time since I read it, but its place in the scheme of Gurdjieffianity deserves some commentary. The book has a considerable following, yet is generally filtered out of the mainstream of the ‘cult’, probably because it is quite a daunting book.

I made sure I got the original first edition of Volume I, which was ‘sausaged’ into a useless ‘reduced version’ some years ago.
I have been/will be critical of Bennett’s book(s), but DU is in a class by itself, and represents a misfortune, in some ways, a very smart fellow who allowed his contribution to be vitiated by the shady practices of Gurdjieff filtering over into someone’s scholarship. The result would be rejected out of hand by public discourse, and Bennett, had he done it somewhat differently, might have made a real contribution, instead infesting the whole thing with metaphysical glitz.

Still, you can learn something from the work, and it shows the possibility of someone someday producing a scheme of knowledge that can really assist people trying to get their bearings between science and the ‘spiritual philosophies’, almost all shoddy that pass through the new age movement.

Meanwhile, the verdict is ‘science fiction’. On that level, if you get the mixture of Einsteinian general relavity and all the rest of the ‘systematics’ hodgepodge that Bennett concocted for the book, it is not bad, might have made it into Gold’s Dad’s Amazing Sci Fi rag.

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