Dracula gurus /2008/08/23/dracula-gurus/

Dracula gurus

Years ago, living in Sacramento, I ran into a down and out psychically sensitive ‘disciple wannabe’ of Da Free John, who couldn’t manage to ‘reach the ashram’ (they wouldn’t let him near the place, they are quite hoitytoidy it seems), content to read one of his books, staring at the photos of the ‘master’ in rapt devotion. At some point he had got into a compulsion to sell plasma, that racket for the financially desperate.
I didn’t connect at the time, but years later I read that Da Free John was setting his own disciples to sell plasma for the ashram, incomprehensible behavior until you get his ‘vampire/dracula’ fixation (which is in one of his books).
That’s an example of the dangers sensitive people can suffer around gurus (an extreme case, perhaps) in these ‘energy fields’. The problems can never be resolved in public.

Go to Darwiniana, find the search box, and type in ‘da free john’, ‘vampire’, and ‘plasma’ and you should find the previous discussions of all that there.
Some of these ‘fuck ups’ are draculas, then, and incarnate to suck the blood out of a fresh group of disciples, if you get my drift.
Somebody drive a stake through his heart.

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