Ichazo, in the seventies /2008/09/02/ichazo-in-the-seventies/

Ichazo, in the seventies

I remember the period of the emergence of Ichazo, and I saw the premiere of Jadarowsky’s film, or at least one of them, that associated with Ichazo. It seems a long time ago.
In a funny story, I was once a considerable traveller, and passed through Arica or near there, on my way home from living overseas, quite by accident during the period of the first Arica emergence. Strange! I had never heard of any of that at the time.
I have less knowledge of Ichazo and his activities but can’t forget the day I opened the New York Times and saw the enneagram on its august pages.

Even as I am critical of all that I take seriously the claims, however garbled, of Ichazo’s Sufi association. Clearly the gang in Ultra-Afghan wanted to throw some holy water on the already crystallized G movement, with not very successful results.
They just try these experiments to see what happens, and never take any responsibility for the result.
It’s a commentary on the original Gurdjieff movement which, despite the obvious surface differences, is almost identically the same type of ‘experiment’.
The whole question of the enneagram, as its transposition into the enneagon, is a hack, and a clever mystification, whatever its history in earlier times.

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