Saintly sufis, and sufi hyenas /2008/08/31/saintly-sufis-and-sufi-hyenas/

Saintly sufis, and sufi hyenas

The previous critique of Gurdjieff by a ‘sufi’, like it or not, demonstrates something that those who dabble in ‘sufism’ should be aware, or ‘wary’, of. You CAN’T move in sufi circles without finally getting suckered into the Islamic conversion route. So why bother, that’s not an option with modern seekers, save in a few artificial cases.
Anything else has to be done on the sly, mostly with useless results.

The whole game is rigged, and should be avoided. The dismissal of Gurdjieff is both right and wrong. A religion as bloodsoaked and violent as Islam is taken as preferable, the platform to the ‘real’ mysticism, to the mere minor devilry of a Gurdjieff, who at least sized up the situation and ‘took the money and ran’, with the resulting confusion in his legacy.

Gurdjieff nonetheless probably missed a component of something here. In any case, the game is deceptive: anything off color that slips into the public domain is ‘gnostic’, while all those saintly ‘real’ sufis, reeking with piety, are the true mystics. Wow, what a nice cover.
Stop pulling my leg.
Gurdjieff tried to create something new and independent, but clearly the siamese confusion is impossible to clear up.

Find another business. This one is corrupt.

There is a lot of material at Darwiniana on ‘sufi hyenas’.

So don;t be an asshole ‘kafir’ mucking about in all that ‘ou la la’ Rumi stuff thinking you’re one of the gang.

How do we know Muhammed wasn’t a front for just that gang of ancient gnostics bent on world domination. Muhammed the first sufi, c’mon, guys. We have our propaganda detectors on.

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