Sarlo’s guru ranking site /2008/08/22/sarlos-guru-ranking-site/

Sarlo’s guru ranking site

MBFM’s link is to a Wilbur review of an Andrew Cohen book.

The punchline is here:

Andrew Cohen is a Rude Boy. He is not here to offer comfort; he is here to tear you into approximately a thousand pieces…so that Infinity can reassemble you, Freedom can replace imprisonment, Fullness can outshine fear. And that simply will not happen if all you want is consolation, soothing prayers, ruffle-free platitudes, “It will all be okay.” Well, it will not be okay if you want Enlightenment. It will, in fact, be hell, and only Rude Boys are rude enough to tell you that, and to show you that—if you can stand the rudeness, stay in the fire, burn clean as Infinity and radiate as the stars.

Actually, in a review by another person this verbiage is meaningless. But in case it is not, be prepared to defy it. There is an easy answer to all this: rough treatment requires trust, and that trust is misplaced if you simply move passively in the completely undocumented world of the self-proclaimed. And it enforces the myth of the guru’s indispensability. Challenge that myth.

This page is one among a host at Sarlo’s guru ranking site (click on the Home button at the bottom of the page), a cogent innovation in the era of democratic Internet.
However, he is a Rajneesh disciple and gives a false estimation of the place of Rajneesh, Gurdjieff and Gold in his system, an obvious bias (protested against explicitly in another page on his site).

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