Spiritual psychologies…and a little Schopenhauer? /2008/08/28/spiritual-psychologiesand-a-little-schopenhauer/

Spiritual psychologies…and a little Schopenhauer?

Christopher Caler on Rajneesh

It is interesting to read through Calder’s essays and watch his attempts to formulate a New Age, or post New Age philosophy/psychology. He manages to zigzag between clarity and excessive skepticism. His views offer a practical survival kit, at least for him, and are refreshingly past the usual spiritual cliches, but still none of it quite adds up.

What I find remarkable is that after a generation of gurus, we still don’t have anything like a practical spiritual psychology that anyone can use to orient themselves in terms of meditation, a spiritual path or who they are.
Calder is entangled at the end with the evolutionary psychology he finds in The God Part Of The Brain, and it is poison, although superficially reasonable on one level.
We have to face it, scientists simply can’t resolve any of these confusions.
And apparently gurus can’t either.

That leaves Ken ‘Zen’ Wilbur.

It’s a problem.

I might inject some material from Kant and especially Schopenhauer along the way here.
They might give you a clue as to why every attempt to produce a spiritual psychology goes haywire.

These two are brutal, in one way, but they can help to see the metaphysical dilemma that works both ways, against strict empiricists, and metaphysical spiritualists.

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