The guru puzzle and the gang war /2008/09/03/the-guru-puzzle-and-the-gang-war/

The guru puzzle and the gang war

One of the puzzles of the last generation is the extraordinary number of scandals that have taken down one guru after another. There is something suspicious about it, and as we focus on discrediting these people we should also keep in mind the spiritual war going on in the background, and further the clear signs of a certain kind of malevolent action targeting the character flaws of sundry teachers, and then unleashing subtle attacks on that basis. The favorite is the likely presence of unconscious sexual issues, making even figures of ‘higher consciousness’ vulnerable, often not knowing what hit them. So be advised if you ever are tempted to be a guru yourself! Those black magicians will attack your unconscious forthwith.

No kidding, and I have met such people, even caught them in the act of indulging such tactics. One of the most suspicious characters here is E.J.Gold, and some figures unknown in public connected to him.
Remember, in the Crowley game you are either top dog, or nothing, which generates a morbid impulse to attack and destroy other spiritual figures. Watch out for this sordid figure name of E. J. Gold, he is very sneaky, and has never generated the kind of scandal that besets others. Perhaps because he knows the dark side of the game in practice.
Note, indeed, how none of his disciples, yet, has been able to produce an expose, so far.
This is then a first. Say your prayers, sillykitty.
It was Crowley, at a dumb moment, who challenged Gurdjieff to a magical duel! A stupid thought for him, but in a larger context not so far off what goes on. Crowley was a small fry, so…
Maybe they will kill each other off.

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