The Sci Fi connection /2008/09/03/the-sci-fi-connection/

The Sci Fi connection

good link from SK. I put ‘sillykitty’ on the link list, so he can generate one of our ‘sub-blogs’.
I need to get the material at Darwiniana on the suspected connection between Hubbard, science fiction writers in the early ‘Amazing Sci Fi’ days, E.J. Gold, and finally various ‘sufis’ in disguise.

The sci fi idea, of course, is already present in Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub, with its rocket ship. There is a connection vis Idries Shah and the writer Lessing. There was some sufi circuit in the sci fi world and its writers back when, and the family connection and emergence of Gold from that milieu is well known. Not all these figures have the sheer vulgarity of Hubbard, and are too clever to indulge in his style of shennanigans, and that makes their trail much harder to follow. You easily fall for their spiritual sufi front. Lest you do, remember that Gold’s sidekick is the ‘archdruid’, ‘archie’, the founder of the pornographic magazine, the San Francisco Ball.
I think pious sufi types should be advised of their silliness in thinking in terms of ‘sufi saints’.

Gold, by the way, had a long preoccupation with Hubbard (styling himself his critic) and his emeters, and there was a ‘course’ sequence, and era, when the emeter was part of his imitations or play on scientology. But of course the game was different.
The emeter, by the way, is basically a galvanic skin response circuit, absolutely nothing mysterious, and a bargain basement version of a lie detector. There was a gold group that tried to produce their own version, in a piece of electronic junk for sale. Also, Idries Shah was an electronics whiz, supposedly. This was in the seventies.

SK, thanks
(maybe we should just put the whole Hubbard article on the blog here. I am a little leary of people’s copyright affirmations, if any)

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