Confusion over evolutionary spirituality /2008/09/09/confusion-over-evolutionary-spirituality/

Confusion over evolutionary spirituality
New Age evolutionism

Posted in New Age, Evolution at 3:00 pm by nemo

A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality

Three centuries of progressive thinkers reveal that evolution has always been a fundamentally spiritual concept.

Is this really true? Out of context New Agers will make mincemeat of the statement, even as the sausage of Kant, Schelling, Hegel under the misleading label ‘idealism’ is connected to the new ‘evolutionary ideology’ of the gurus.

Another liability is the hopeless confusion of ‘involution’ and ‘evolution’ in New Age circles. This distinction has never been clarified. To use the term ‘evolution’ threatens still another piece of dead meat in that sausage. Maybe let German idealists alone, unless you care to study them, or create a consistent evolutionary theory that is practical and sorts out the various usages, a task, I can assure you, that is completely beyond the capacity of systematically muddled New Agers.

Study of the eonic effect can help here: a genuine depiction of ‘evolution’ in terms of history and the evolution of man, that has some empircal and practical aspects, and which can create a context for the study of the evolution of religion, and yet give some meaning to the sense desired, but mislabeled ‘evolution’ as ’spiritual practice’.
The term ‘evolution’ has been botched by Darwinists, but the New Agers have done no better, and it is false that these gurus are ‘evolutionary guides’.

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