Da free john: godman, sex pervert and drunk /2008/09/09/da-free-john-godman-sex-pervert-and-drunk/

Da free john: godman, sex pervert and drunk

comment the Slavoj Zizek post from a Da free john groupie.

John, why not wake up from the game played by these people. Da free john is a has been leftover from the seventies. His career is amply documented on the Net, and I find it hard to grasp how you could still be stuck in the groupie free advertising game of such a person.

Comment from Da Free John groupie

Readers of this blog may remember a long series of posts on the issues of gurus. One of the most pitiful is this creep Da Free John.
I have deactivated the links given lest Google register spam, you can reconstruct them if interested in the DFJ propaganda rap, a bit stale form the seventies.

The issue of Slavoj Zizek is a bit odd in this context, but readers may recall the exchange with Hucklebird over non-dual issues. These people must think they should attack Kantian dualists with voodoo as the contribution of guru degenerates to philosophy (what does that mean???!) Most of these characters have never read a book of philosophy and have the intellectual capacity of college sophmores.


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