Lentrohamsanin and Gurdjieff’s attack on democracy /2008/09/07/lentohamsanin-and-gurdjieffs-attack-on-democray/

Lentrohamsanin and Gurdjieff’s attack on democracy

One of the most devious, essentially fascist, strains in Gurdjieff can be seen in his spurious tale of Lentrohamsanin. The account in Beelzebub’s tales is completely opaque, but at several points he gives his game away when he tries to make a villain out of a proponent of Equal Rights!

The portrait of this figure is a complete setup of paste up.
Anyone thinking of the ‘fourth way’ as a path should note this point. You are essentially declared unequal in this game, and therefore the question of your receiving anything of the teaching beyond rote obedience to the outer form of its doctrine is taken away at the beginning.

In general, Beelzebub’s Tales is the most grossly overrated piece of deceptive junk in the New Age movement, generating its poisonous doctrines behind a veil of obscurity.
It is all the same ‘New Age’ propaganda against modernity and its democratic innovations, an issue that sticks in the craw of guru after guru, among them, beside Gurdjieff, Rajneesh, who also concealed his fascist tendencies behind a lot of fine words.

In general the semi-mythical figures invented by Gurdjieff completely distort the history of religion when what is needed is the simple history of known historical individuals and their movements.

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