Reactionary complots /2008/09/16/reactionary-complots/

Reactionary complots

The crypto-reactionary character of the Gurdjieff legacy is one of the most insidious aspects of its deceptions.
Here is an old post at Darwiniana, a very popular one with a large hit count.

Gurdjieff comment: a reply
Posted in New Age at 8:07 pm by nemo
Thanks for your comment. Before pontificating on esotericism, tell me what is you connection with Gurdjieff? You read Ouspensky, and spend your time wishing you could find a fourth way school, but you never found one. As to my knowledge of Gurdjieff, I wouldn’t care to argue the point. I know more about sufism than most people who call themselves sufis, and as a result I stay completely away from the whole business of pious idiots and out and out sharks. Who needs it anymore?
As to Gurdjieff, you can prattle about the ‘work’, but what does it amount to? Self-remembering is one of the most ancient practices, but followers of Gurdjieff never do any because the presentation is so hyped with nonsense noone could manage what was originally a synonym for meditation, which Buddhists insist on day one. Did you ever find Ouspensky types meditating? Gurdjieff didn’t care because he wasn’t in the business of helping people. His dark business is something else.
The problem here is the deception perpetrated by Gurdjieff. He produced an immensely successful brochure that attracts thousands, consistently, but the fact is there is nothing there for them, except cynical promo designed to do nothing but make people tread water as they pay the bills. There is no school, fourth way, or esoteric way behind what is a lot pastiche stiched together like flypaper. Most of Gurdjieff’s teaching is just a bunch of junk, made up on the fly. These people are cynical and exploit beginners, and they never give a sucker an even break. When such people talk about esotericism, the reality is a reserved group to which anyone dumb enough to fall for Ouspensky wouldn’t ever be admitted. You don’t need to be a part of any of that. Forget it. Pure mephistopheles.

But beyond all of that my problem is the crypto-political nature of these reactionaries who are almost at the level of Joseph De Maistre. They are trying to foment a kind of grand postmodern post-democratic culture and will use fascist means to that end. The spiritual teaching is just window dressing.

So I think your comment fails to grapple with the dark side of this man, who, in any case, died a long time ago. What is our business with such a mess of pottage from the age of esoteric fascism at the beginning of the twentieth century? Their great conspiracy totally failed, so let’s be done with it.

Name: Gordy | E-mail: | IP:
Wow. I would compare your understanding of esotericism and the Gurdjieff work to that of an eight year old’s assumptions about sailing based on his experience playing with a boat in a tub. Granted there are spiritual predators out there that utilize Forth Way principals to ensnare but predators are predators. They have no more association with nor understanding of anything Gurdjieff than you appear to have. Forth Way work IS very difficult and requires much discipline. Most people can’t get rich sitting on their ass all day, day after day watching I Love Lucy. Becoming less mechanical and more aware works the same way. As such, You put yourself under the tutelage and guidance of like minded people that have attained something of what we seek. The problem is that spiritual seekers are very vulnerable. Once again, the predator principal. Real work does exist and it can be found. But just because the word “Gurdjieff” may be attached to some means, method or idea does not necessarily mean it is real work or has anything whatsoever to do with real Forth Way work. However, if found, real work does not require blind allegiance. In fact, real work requires personal verification every step of the way and the idea of “enlightenment” seems to evolve into something much more practical.

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