Gurdjieffianity and right-wing political tactics /2008/09/22/gurdjieffianity-and-right-wing-political-tactics/

Gurdjieffianity and right-wing political tactics

It is worth studying what has happened in the last generation in the American political sphere, where the onset of neo-liberalism was fueled with a set of tactics to coopt ordinary, working voters. There is no other way for an elite to dominate majorities from a minority stance. The dynamics of this political finesse are worth careful study.

From there you can begin to study the analogous, if quite different, tactics behind the ‘game owners’ of sufistic/Gurdjieff (and other, viz. certain Buddhist) legacies. How to create allegiance to elites from those who stand to gain nothing from such movements? The work is like that, and, indeed, the overtones of the term ‘work’ itself are ironically a play on the idea of those who are the workers and those who are the bosses.
Study Ouspensky’s book (and Gurdjeff’s) and try to find the way in which the ‘sale’ is made with clever come ons and insistence on traditionalist obedience. And the whole nine yards. As years go by and the revolving door spins around the functioning of this swindle slowly become clear.

You would do well to consider if you are really ‘in’ this game, or just an Ouspensky bibliomane/idiot with zero prospects in a rigged game that has no intention of helping you out, quite the contrary. This game is especially vicious, with its hidden fascist anti-modernism. The game has given itself away, but such is the momentum of propaganda and the magnitude of the background tradition of spiritual authority wrested from thin air noone seems to put two and two together. And it takes a considerable experience and occult savvy to come upon the completely concealed conspiracies of reaction being played out even as we speak.

It would take five minutes to produce a thriving democratic spirituality for a new age of freedom, but there is noone with the nerve to take on the ancient establishments whose self-perpetuation is accomplished anywhere but in public movements.

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