Surviving the gang war /2008/09/22/surviving-the-gang-war/

Surviving the gang war

…who is nemo?
You have certainly misread me. I am not a mere Ouspensky browser and my relationship to ‘all that’ might surprise you.
I have penetrated the ‘work’ to a degree that is unusual, but the result, as I would like to proclaim, was a rejection of that world, and the need to move in a new way on such issues. This perspective is of more importance for those frozen in Gurdjeffianity than it is for me. I think that the net total of this pseudo-tradition is holding people back, as they sandbank on all the useless issues left unresolved of the Gurdjieff enigma. The Indian tradition produces in every generation realized yogis, while, after a century, followers of Gurdjieff chase their tales going in circles trying pathetically to sort out whether they are sufis, something else, or what have you. It is embarrassing finally.
And I protest the contempt with which innocent seekers are dealt with in the Gurdjieff traditions. Vultures of no spiritual attainments, but with occult connections see nothing awry in misleading people to the point of destroying their potential in the endless wild goose chase of esotericism, so-called.
Demand that supposed guides put their money where their mouth is, or move on to something else.
In any case, your analysis of me is off the mark.
The reality is that I have spent a good part of my life in the crossfire of the spiritual war behind the scenes whereby the rivals to the throne attempt to blow each other out of the water. It has left me somewhere between laughing and crying, and completely ready with a bronx cheer as to the spiritual dignity of the participants.
Look at a figure like E.J. Gold, insidiously plying his craft to destroy all rivals to the ‘Ouspensky book club’ by a takeover of the rotting material left behind by Gurdjieff’s grandiloquent todo over nothing.

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