Discards of the Gurdjieff mafia, unite /2008/10/06/discards-of-the-gurdjieff-mafia-unite/

Discards of the Gurdjieff mafia, unite

G. I. Gurdjieff (1872?-1949)

What makes a guru such as Gurdjieff attractive as a spiritual conquistador is his seemingly shrewd observation that most human beings who are awake act as if they are asleep. Gurdjieff also observed that most people are dead on the inside.

I think he meant by these claims that most people are passive sheep and need a guru to give their lives vitality and meaning. That is to say, I believe Gurdjieff correctly noted that most people are neither skeptics nor self-motivated, and that many are easily duped by gurus because they want someone to show them the way to live a meaningful life. He offered to show his followers the way to true wakefulness, a state of awareness and vitality which transcends ordinary consciousness. He was able to attract a coterie of writers, artists, wealthy widows and other questing souls to work his farm for him in exchange for sharing his wisdom. He offered numerous claims and explanations for everything under the moon, rooted in little more than his own imagination and never tempered with concern for what science might have to say about his musings.

This is standard Gurdjieff boilerplate. But what is surprising is that it is from the Skeptic’s Dictionary. These humanist skeptics are unable to handle this figure.

On close examination the passage is garbled, with some insights slipping in: guru, or spiritual conquistador?
Maybe not a guru! What is a guru?
All the propaganda about gurus is beginning to miss the point. We have reached, in part because of people like Gurdjieff, where the institution of gurus has become too corrupt to credit. And at that point we realize there is no need for such people. Examine how the milieu of gurus plays out. There isn’t enough time or energy for one man to help others: the logistics legislates against it. So the promo is pointless, and in reality a form of social domination, not awakening.
And at that point one realizes that most of what teachers do can be done as a public information stream, but one designed honestly to exhibit all the requirements of a genuine teaching. It would be far more efficient, and allow people to subtract the vampire price against their realization paid to these ‘gurus’ (conquistadors). People might start to benefit from their meditations, and stop paying the ‘exhorbitant tax on self-consciousness’ exacted in secret by the so-called gurus whose real game is to deplete the energies of their victims, and then discard them as human trash.

Discards of the Gurdjieff mafia, unite.

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