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is-ej-gold-a-sufi-hyena? From Darwiniana lost link (2018)
There was a long discussion series on Gold at Darwiniana (link above), in relation to sillykitty, a contributor here. This made it into Wikipedia, but then Wikipedia cleaned up on E.J. Gold, some of the material is still there in the edit pages.

From LolaFroggy:
Please consider information appearing at Gold is a casebook destructive guru who continues to harm earnest spiritual seekers lured into his web via his followers, self-published books and several “sheep-fleecing” internet businesses. For more information on the characteristics of destructive groups and their leaders, check out Also visit, and see the gold related links on that site.

From Darwiniana:
Wikipedia on Gold

Posted in New Age at 9:59 pm by nemo

Wikipedia on E.J.Gold. There has been previous commentary on this question at this blog (use the search function on this blog): I have been very critical of this person, who I observed in action in the mid-seventies. I would like to comment at Wikipedia, but it seems a hopeless prospect.
I am a bit alarmed at the ascription of ‘crazy wisdom guru’ to this vulture.
Was Adolf Hitler a crazy wisdom guru?
You see the problem!
The idea has been ripped off for something completely out of line from its original source.
(Few know that Gold dropped strange hints about fascism and the ‘work’ in the seventies, and few have heard him intone about mass murder in the veiled Gurdjieff style that never reaches public thresholds. So it is not perverse prejudice that one sounds a SEVERE WARNING about this strange character, with his ‘fascist jewish sufi’ number???). Most people have no idea what they are dealing with here.
The tradition of ‘crazy wisdom guru’ has become a rampant excuse for abuse. These groupies writing this nonsense will be gone in a year or so, replaced by new groupies, and the Gold merry-g0-round will go on. Noone is able to stop this kind of exploitation, if fact they can’t explain it. This is an occult zone question, and the public assessments are hopelessly confused guru propaganda.

Better to stick to basics: you under no obligation to consider anyone a ‘guru’ or spiritual authority under any circumstances, especially if, like Gold or Gurdjieff, they never divulge their biographies, state their aims, or make clear the reason for their activities (which are under suspicions of predatory intentions against selected victims).
On what granite monument was it declared that these song and dance artists who declare themselves sufis require absolute obedience or surrender? Slap yourself in the face. Note that Buddha’s eightfold way never mentions ‘gurus’, and that Buddha warned his disciples about the problem. Be ye lamps under yourselves.

The whole situation is grotesque. As the respondent ’sillykitty’ points out Gold is really doing Crowley behind a sufi mask. So stop being a groupie and do some minimum Crowley: you are on your own, period. No gurus. And stop being run over by this person who is really competing with Gurdjieff and apparently trying to out-evil Beelzebub.
It is a very sordid situation.

ej. gold community response to pov:

(I don’t know much about Gold, and don’t know if the rest of the page is propaganda but this section is not appropriate. Please cite specific references in a section marked “critiques” and fix the article if you find it biased.)

ej. gold community response to pov:

The edit by user LolaFroggy misunderstands the nature of “crazy wisdom” teaching, which directly challenges the ego or “separate self”, the mixture of beliefs, misconceptions and conditioning that we perceive the world through. This process is never pleasant, but the rewards are beyond imagination.

When user LolaFroggy asserts that Gold is a “destructive” guru, she may well be right. All growth in any sphere of life occurs by “destruction”, in the sense that what comes after, is not the same as what was before.Change and destruction are two sides of the same coin.Ego death is an inherently painful process, that can be made even more painful, by the holding on to limited and limiting self-concepts.This holding,limiting,contracting process itself, is the mechanism of ego.

Gurus who are not “destructive” in the above sense,are not gurus.Any guru worth his salt, will challenge the student’s cherished beliefs about him/herself, god and the world around him/her.

This however, should not be taken as blanket justification, or advice to suspend simple common sense.He who tastes, knows.

e.j. gold community response to pov:

crazy wisdom is… well… crazy. It’s like this guy i know who was addicted to therapy sessions. How the hell was he ever gonna find a cure? But he kept walking around asking people how the “do not walk on the grass” signs got there in the first place. Soon, just like Forrest Gump, he had folks following him around looking for bits of wisdom that would fall off his table.

To attempt a logical analysis of crazy wisdom is like asking why kamikaze pilots in the Pacific in 1945 were made to wear helmets.

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