Standing up to pseudo-authority /2008/10/07/standing-up-to-pseudo-authority/

Standing up to pseudo-authority

One of the strangest things about the Gurdjieff movement is the way it has created a myth of the indispensability of the guru. This, of course, has a long history. Yet the irony is that Gurdjieff himself threw a monkey wrench into that tradition. The evidence of the potential for and reality of exploitation, the spurious character of much of the so-called teaching left behind the obvious fact that the hue and cry over the need for a teacher is actually false. Groups without teachers, suitably organized, could probably do better.
We have reached the end of the age of the guru, and the cynicism of many of its exemplars proves the point, and shows the cynicism in its temporary renewal as part of the New Age movement.
Working alone has its problems! But if there are no other alternatives then best to get on with. Meanwhile, please note that this is already the case: all this Gurdjieff group talk is just that talk, done without teachers.

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