Temporal evolution, or otherwise/2008/10/14/temporal-evolution-or-otherwise/

Temporal evolution, or otherwise

Upton review again

Like Foucault, Upton notes that evolution in modern thought replaced ontological hierarchy with historical development. In fact, the fallacy that makes all the other New Age fallacies possible is the belief that new Truth (that, is truth not already contained by Tradition) can come to light in history. Upton’s critique in this regard is not so different from other criticisms of “Process Theology,” which might be summarized by the principle that God is the best that exists at any given time, not the best that can be.

Actually, the thought is interesting, save only that the conservative prejudice against progress is a misunderstanding. I say interesting only because, despite complete disagreement, the anti-temporal view of evolution has a classic sort of museum status.
Here, ironically, J. G. Bennett produced a model that can easily summarize both viewpoints (again I would disagree) with his time/eternity/hyparxis triad.

The inability to see the progression in the rise of the modern is ironically a rejection of the ‘traditionalist’ idea of ‘epochs’. The New Age of modernity (not what new agers think it is) and a severe mistake. All this traditions will end up breaking up on the shoals of the modernist phenomenon.
These points should be obvious, and are, except to the gurus, whose thinking betrays the limits of their ‘enlightenement’ (s).

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