An historic election

One of the reasons for the obscurity of Gurdjieff, and deceptive appearance of sufism, lies in the conspiracy against democracy, and the autonomy of the individual that lurks beneath the surface of the ‘teachings’.

In fact we can trace the waves of reactionary promotion back to the nineteenth century. The latest wave begins in the wake of the destruction of fascism, and is visible by the seventies in the neoliberal phase. But this is second best, still technically democratic, in the view of these figures, and its last blowout we can see in the unconsciously self-destructive anti-democracy of figures like Bush. What better way to subvert democracy than through politicians susceptible, via self-destructive or unconsciously reactionary tactics. The signature clue in the last years is the sudden lapse on the issue of torture, always a preoccupation with the Gurdjieff types.
Not that the far left was any better.
Even harmless figures like Andrew Cohen with his constant harping on the coming ‘postmodern’ age of spiritual whatever are not exempt. The postmodern junk phase seems to be passing. In and of itself postmodernism is something else, what have you, but its exploitation by New Age antimodernists is still another stealth op (although figures like Upton attack in on explicit philosophic grounds, along with his general attack on New Age movements, that being, for quite different reasons, that of Islam promotion, it seems).
Secular societies in the phase of scientism and its total suppression of awareness of occultism leaves all our politicians sitting ducks, and we can only hope and pray the dark side we see glimpses of in Bush can be overcome.
The place of these spiritual caudillos is invisible to the naked eye, but a constant source of menace. And altogether alarming to those who can see what is going on.

Perhaps we have reached a turning point, and the time is now to initiate a new challenge to these now ragged fraud/fronts for the promotion of anti-modernism.

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